About us

M.A. Prague s.r.o. operates since 2012. We are a team of professionals from different fields with a wide range of experience and education.  Our professional backgrounds are associated with internationally recognized companies.

Several team members have cooperated with famous persons who are directly related to economic, political and cultural scenes of both Czech and other international influence.

We approach or clients with a maximum responsibility with regard to their individuality. Each satisfied client gives us great motivation for our future work.

Our motto is „Manageable education and Adaptable services“.  Let us convince you that your education with us is truly unique, can be a fun learning experience and will have effective results. We want you to find our services as extremely flexible according to your required needs.

Do not hesitate to contact us anytime, we are very looking forward to meeting you.

On behalf of  M.A. Prague s.r.o.

Radka Bařtipánová M.B.A.
Executive director